Sara’s Ride Baby Carrier

Sara’s Ride Baby Carrier
Sara’s Ride Baby Carrier

Our mothers remember Sara’s Ride baby carrier which was sold all over the place during the seventies.

Carrying a baby in your arms is not an easy task, especially when the baby is tired and can’t really hold his or her own back straight. In those cases, a carrier is a lifesaver.

When you use a hip carrier, your baby sits on your hip and looks at everything around you. That will keep their attention up and they won’t be as bored as if they were just laying in your arms. This way of carrying them is also great for children with colic, who have a hard time in a baby carrier.

The hip carrier is also easy to attach and detach from your body with the help of a belt you put around your waist. The belt has loops for each side of it so when you pull it through the loop on top, you will have made a complete circle that closes together without any open parts.

The belt can be adjusted to the size of your baby’s waist so you do not have to worry about it being too tight or too loose. The baby carrier also has adjustable shoulder straps that are easy to attach and detach from the carrier itself, with side-release buckles.  

But these days Sara’s Ride baby carrier is no longer being manufactured, and the only ones left out there are older baby carriers (from decades ago). Sometimes you can find one on eBay if someone found it in the garage and decided to sell it.

What made it such a sturdy baby carrier?

Sara’s Ride baby carrier was made of heavy-duty canvas which made it both very strong and very lightweight. Add to that, it was also washable, which made it the perfect solution for mothers all around.

They also loved the storage compartment, so they could always have a diaper and some wipes on them if the baby needed changing.

That way they didn’t need to carry around a whole bag full of baby stuff with them all day long or go back home just because they needed one simple thing.

The hip carrier was very compact, which was very useful when you wanted to carry it in your hand or in your purse. That way if your baby got tired, you could put the baby in the hip carrier, on your hip without straining your back, and if he or she got too heavy for you, you would just take them off the hip carrier and put it away.

Modern hip carriers

As I mentioned before, Sara’s Ride baby carrier is so hard to find these days, and parents who want to easily carry their child without breaking their back and while still having their arms free to do anything have other solutions.

One of the modern hip carriers is called lillebaby and it does everything you would expect from a great hip carrier. It’s very comfortable, easy to put on and take off, and even has an optional sleeping hood so your baby can sleep in it.

With all the extra weight you add when adding your child to the hip carrier, you would expect it to be very hard on your hips and back, but the lillebaby hip carrier spreads the baby’s weight evenly across your entire spine.

This way you don’t feel as if you’re carrying a huge load on your shoulders or hips; instead, it just feels like you are walking around with a big bag, that has some weight to it, but not anything too excessive.

Many parents have given the lillebaby hip carrier positive reviews simply because of how well-designed it was. If your baby can’t sit up on its own without support, the repositionable infant insert will give them the support their little body needs.

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