Light Blue Bracelet

Big Sister Gift Idea – Beautiful Light Blue Bracelet

Light blue bracelet

Let the new baby’s sister know how important she still is with this glamorous bracelet!

This adorable beaded bracelet, along with its matching necklace and ring, is a super gift for your special girl!

This bracelet comes with pretty sparkly flowers, diamonds and tube beads in the colors pink, purple and light blue. In the center is threaded a pink shiny heart.

This piece of jewelry grows with your princess! Its elastic thread is adjustable and fits any hand perimeter!

The bracelet is beautifully wrapped in an organza cream colored gift bag.

Handmade by the designer Efrat Ben Atar.

light blue bracelet
Price: $8.99


USPS First Class Mail
Estimated delivery: 3 to 6 business days after payment is cleared.