Shapely Stretch Marks Removal Cream

Get Sexy Again! Get rid of your stretch marks!

SHAPELY© cream is a breakthrough technology in today’s advanced cosmetics.

This product restores your shrinking skin as a result of pregnancy or weight loss and replenish your skin’s flexibility and elasticity.

Apply daily on your tummy, breasts, hips and bottom and reduce the appearance of your stretch marks!

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* Contains: Avocadin® – A natural botanical skin conditioner and moisturizer. Provides UV protection.
Shea Butter – A natural body butter readily absorbed into the skin to nurture and soften dry areas. Vitamin E.
* Made in Israel by Mommy Care.

* 7 oz. container (200 ml)
* Retains skins’ pre-pregnancy shape.
* Hydrates the skin to maintain its elasticity and flexibility.
* 100% natural with Certified Organic ingredients.
* OBGYN tested and approved.
* Paraben Free, SLS free.
* Doesn’t stain clothes.