Mitata Co Baby Sleeper

Portable Bed and Co Baby Sleeper For a Sound Sleep Anywhere! The Mitata is a snug and safe baby bed. The Mitata has multi-purpose positions: Fully opened – use it as a play mat. One side folded- allows you to nurse in side-lying position, soothe, monitor, and bond with your baby in your bed. Two sides […]

Shibaba Baby Bath Seat (18 months – 3+ years)

Shibaba Baby Bath Seat (18 months - 3+ years)

Baby Bath Seat Turn your bathtub into a water wonderland! The Shibaba is a soft, cushioned toddler bath seat your baby “rides” on in the bath tub. This revolutionary product is exactly what your toddler needs to play freely in the water while you wash him safely. If your baby is sitting unassisted and steadily, […]

Papillon Baby Bath Ring (10-18 months)

stage2 - papillon baby bath ring

Create a Developmental Playground for your Baby in the Bath Tub! Enjoy your parent-child time together with your infant while Papillon baby bath ring allows your baby to safely and securely play in the bath water. The Papillon’s revolutionary butterfly ring shape prevents your baby from tipping over in the tub while at the same […]

Batya Baby Bath Seat (Newborn-10 months)

stage1 - batya baby bather

Cushioned Infant Bather Make bath time a pleasant, snug and safe experience for you and your baby The Batya cushioned floating baby bather is an essential aid to make baby’s bath soft and safe from your newborn’s very first splash! Place the Batya in a shallow bath tub, eyes facing down. It securely nestles your […]

Lilo Baby Bath Sponge and Puppet

Lilo is a bath doll made to play in the water and at the same time to wash your baby. Made from a soft and gentle material, use Lilo as a bathing sponge or as a bathtub puppet! With Lilo, bath time is both fun and pleasurable for your little ones. She has an ergonomic […]