Batya Baby Bath Seat (Newborn-10 months)

Batya Baby Bath Seat

Cushioned Infant Bather

Make bath time a pleasant, snug, and safe experience for you and your baby

The Batya cushioned floating baby bather is an essential aid to making baby’s bath soft and safe from your newborn’s very first splash!

Place the Batya Baby Bath Seat in a shallow bathtub, eyes facing down. It securely nestles your infant’s body while supporting his head safely out of the water.

Dries quickly and turns into a unique toy outside the water!

Complies with US CPSC Safety Standard.

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What makes the Batya a great alternative to cold, hard plastic baby baths and bathers?

  1. The Batya cradles your baby in the tub.

    Cradled in the Batya your baby is comfortable, relaxed and safe. The soft supportive shape prevents from tipping over, allowing him to float softly above water.

  2. The Batya is made of a soft and gentle material.

    Its soft shape and gentle fabric adjusts itself to baby’s shape and hugs him with softness. It is not firm and hard on your baby’s body like the plastic infant bathtubs.

  3. The Batya makes bathing your baby so much easier for you.

    The Batya make it easier for you to wash your slippery, squirming baby. You can reach and bathe all of baby’s parts without straining and lifting him out of an uncomfortable plastic tub.

  4. The Batya allows your elder child and your baby to have a bath at the same time.

    Give a bath for all your kids at the same time! Placing the Batya in the adult-sized bathtub allows your elder child enjoy a bath together with your baby.

  5. The Batya is easy to clean.

    The one piece Batya is super easy to clean. There are no complicated parts to remove and scrub! Just rinse under running water and let it hang to dry. You can also throw it into the washing machine!

  6. The Batya is light and portable.

    As a light weight and foldable baby tub, the Batya is easy to store and carry.

Manufactured & designed by Pomfitis

Product Features

* Targeted for newborns to 33 pound (15 kilos) of weight. * Light weight – only 14 ounce (400 gram). Approx. size – 24 X 16 X 6 inch (60 X 40 X 15 centimeter). * Made of soft and elastic fabric: 80% Polyamide 20% Elastane. Filling: thousands of tiny Polystyrene balls. * After use, wash thoroughly under a stream of hot water and hang to dry. * Possible to reuse even if still wet. * Machine washable gentle cycle cold. * Registered Design # 43413 * Complies with US CPSC Safety Standard requirements and the European Standard EN71. * Designed for use in both infant and standard bathtubs or in the kitchen sink. * Manufactured & designed by Pomfitis