Charm Safety Diaper Pin

Charm Safety Diaper Pin

safety pin with charms

925 Sterling Silver Charm Pin

Hang this unique decorated baby safety pin with charms on your diaper bag or stroller and upgrade their looks!

The pin has lucky charms to spiritually protect against any bad energy or evil.

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Many mothers (and fathers) want to use a small charm to place next to their newborn child for spiritual protection.

Some mothers want to use their child’s name with a Hebrew letter charm or just the Hebrew letter. Some mothers want to use a Cross, the Star of David, the Egyptian ankh, and so forth with their baby’s name. What would be one good way to attach such charms?

This is not a trivial question. A mother needs to consider what will be appropriate for her family, always keeping in mind that the safety of her child is paramount.

These may provide guidance for mothers who wish to use small charms with their baby’s name so they can be near him/her at all times during the first few weeks of life:

A small safety pin, such as the kind that is normally used for baby clothing (the kind that has a spring clamp to hold the clasp closed). This may be worn on the inside of one’s own clothes and is easily unclipped and opened when needed.

The ring attached to many charms can be threaded onto a safety pin or even directly through the clothing.

A mother who wishes to use a string of beads may want to purchase a large safety pin and attach two strings of beads – one on each side of the pin.

A small cross, Star of David, or Christian charm can be attached to a necklace using a safety pin.

In this charm pin with Hebrew letter, the tiny charm can be attached to a baby’s clothing with the safety pin.

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More Information

  • The Hamsa is a symbol used in amulets, charms and jewelry to protect against the evil eye.
  • Hanging the pin on the baby’s stroller or on mom’s diaper bag will protect the baby from the evil eye and will bring fortune and good luck for mom and baby!
  • Ideas from the heart! This pin makes a unique gift for a baby boy or baby girl shower for the new mom and new baby.

Product Features

  • The pin has five charms: Baby boy or girl, hamsa hand, loving heart, pacifier and leaf.
  • The pin is attached to a recycled paper and is beautifully wrapped in an organza cream color gift bag.
  • The Pin is 2.2 inches long.
  • The pacifier charm drops 2 inches from the top line of the pin.
  • Hand made.
  • Made of silver plated metal.