Comfydo Portable Potty

A foldable and disposable on-the-go potty Hygienic, no-mess, travel potty chair. A handy solution to give immediate relief to your child. Quick to assemble, stable to use and simple to dispose of. The ComfyDo kit contains one reusable, biodegradable, foldable cardboard potty chair and 4 single-use liners for disposal.

Sinky Baby Sink Bath Seat (Newborn-6 months)

Baby Sink Bather The softest, safest and easiest way to give your newborn a bath! The Sinky securely nestles infant’s body while supporting his head out of the water. Unlike traditional baby bath tubs and seats, the Sinky’s soft shape and gentle fabric hugs baby with softness. Cradled in the Sinky your baby is comfortable, […]

Net Mesh Toy Bag

Net Mesh Toy Bag

This multipurpose super strong mesh bag is a great organizer in your bath, on your stroller, in your car, or on the beach. The net bag can easily store a large number of wet items such as bath toys, clothes, laundry, or beach toys. With a secured loop at the top, this reusable organizer will […]

Tito Baby Bath Tub Cushioned Stuffed Animal

Tito is a cushioned stuffed animal made of cuddly materials. Its bathing suit fabric allows your child to play with Tito in the bath tub and outside the water! Tito dries up so quickly! Tito’s unique shape is huggable and lovable from early childhood and encourages creativity and imagination. Its mouth is a large pocket […]

Baby Hip Seat Carrier

Side Ride Baby Hip Seat Carrier

Side Carrier The Side Ride is a smartly crafted and simple-to-use hip carrier that’s always ready to roll. No more back pains from carrying your baby around! The Side Ride is a back supporting belt with an integrated child seat. The Side Ride distributes your baby’s weight evenly, reducing the strain on your spine, shoulder, […]

Flexible Perineum Massage Oil

Flexible 100% pure organic perineal massage oil

Reduce the risk of episiotomy when giving birth! FLEXIBLE perineum massage oil will make your perineum (the area between your vagina and anus) super soft for delivery with less chance of it tearing or having to be cut. Massage the perineum daily with FLEXIBLE for five to ten minutes. Use on perineal area from the […]

Charm Safety Diaper Pin

Charm Safety Diaper Pin

925 Sterling Silver Charm Pin Hang this unique decorated baby safety pin with charms on your diaper bag or stroller and upgrade their looks! The pin has lucky charms to spiritually protect against any bad energy or evil. Check updated prices and details on Amazon Many mothers (and fathers) want to use a small charm […]

Shapely Stretch Marks Removal Cream

Get Sexy Again! Get rid of your stretch marks! SHAPELY© cream is a breakthrough technology in today’s advanced cosmetics. This product restores your shrinking skin as a result of pregnancy or weight loss and replenish your skin’s flexibility and elasticity. Apply daily on your tummy, breasts, hips and bottom and reduce the appearance of your […]

Anti Striae Stretch Marks Prevention Cream

Organic Pregnancy Stretch Mark Treatment Cream Don’t wait until it’s too late! Anti Striae© helps reduce the appearance of skin stretch marks during pregnancy. Anti Striae© advanced formula contains a powerful combination of active certified organic ingredients. Start using Anti Striae© from week 12 of your pregnancy. Apply daily on your belly, breasts, hips and […]

Sitata Toddler Cushioned Booster Seat

Sitata Child booster seat

Toddler Highchair Turn any chair into a safe and comfortable highchair! Made of firm foam, the Sitata gives toddlers a safe and comfortable seat, with no need to tie them in. The Sitata is easy to clean. Just wipe it or wash the fabric cover in the washing machine. The Sitata is portable and fits […]