Baby Bath Seat the #1 safe and joyful bath for your newborn

Baby Bath Seat
Learn how a Baby Bath Seat is the right solution for you and your newborn baby and which bath seat you should choose for the best experience and safety.
Baby Bath Seat

Baby bath seats are the perfect solution for bathing your newborn baby

Newborn babies still remember in their very bodies, the experience of being carried inside the womb, wrapped in the warm soft fluid. It is no surprise then that laying on a bath seat (I know, it’s called a baby bath seat – and they lay on it 🙂 ) can be a shear pleasure for your little one.

It has in fact been proven by research, that having a fun bath (yes, fun is a factor) can have a beneficial effect on toddlers’ neurological development.

The combination of fun hormones (dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins) is a special and very potent learning enhancer.

Security – Safety – Certainty

Your own warm arm and hand, along with the bath seat hold, give your baby a sense of S.S.C – the solid trinity of Security, Safety, and Certainty the newborn feels from being held in warmth and stable hold.

This is such an important factor in your newborn child’s growth because when feeling this S.S.C he or she feels safe enough to experiment – and what better environment to experiment with this new body in this new surrounding they have only just emerged into?

Bath time is a great time and place to feel supported enough to move more, splash the water, and to laugh (more fun & learning! )

Be There & Be Seen

Your presence is crucial for your little child – especially at the very early stages of life.

Also, in the bathtub


As safe as it may seem, and no matter which seat you choose, it is imperative that you stay within reach and always keep an eye on your baby while in the bathtub.

You never know what new movement they are going to learn just now – and you don’t want to miss it 🙂

Keeping an actual safe environment assures healthy and calm growth for everyone.

So how do you actually choose a baby bath seat?

To begin with, let me ask you this:

Are you using a baby bath, a sink, or a regular bath?

Based on that, you could find the right accessory.

For newborns, until they sit on their own, we recommend either a baby bath with a suitable mat – a cushion that holds the baby from slipping and gives nice soft support for their entire body.

If you’re using a bigger bath, then you would be better off with either a seat with a bottom part that holds the baby from the bottom of the spice, or you might prefer a bather altogether.

Soft or Sturdy?

After you have gone through the safety factor – because it is important that both you and your child feel safe (S.S.C – remember?) – then it’s about a couple of other things as well.

A sturdy plastic bath seat may seem safer, but the downside to this is that as cushioned as it was made to be, it still has a solid inflexible grip on the child.

This means less movement and more stiffness (hence less flexibility as well) – which all have an effect on the child’s growth and development – both physically and neurologically-mentally.

The greatest lesson to be taken from The Continuum Concept is that motion – for newborns (as well as for adults, even though we sometimes forget this) is important for learning, for breathing, for flexibility – indeed for LIFE.

That is why we recommend softer seats over plastic ones.

That said, it is also very important to listen to your own heart – and follow your own internal voice when you ask yourself what you feel is best for your family’s needs and circumstances.

I hope you found the information here beneficial for you.

If you have any questions about the article or any of the information we bring you here, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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