Choose The Right Baby Bath Ring For Your Baby

Baby Bath Ring
Here is what you need to consider when choosing a baby bath ring for your toddler, starting at safety and onto fun and soft comfort for you and your little one
Baby Bath Ring

Giving your baby a bath, even if you’re already using one type or another of baby bath rings, is something you need to prepare for – especially for toddlers of about 10 months and up, who are beginning to sit up straight on their own.

Babies who can hold their backs up and sit in the bathtub are likely to move around more during bath time, and they are big enough to rock a tub that’s not fixed to the wall.

This means you MUST remain at your baby’s side all throughout the bath.

It’s that intermediate stage where the baby is too big for a newborn bath, but not strong or stable enough to hold themselves on their own as older children can.

So even before you choose the right bath ring for you and your baby, remember that safety comes first in the bathroom!

What about fun?

Don’t forget that for your baby, spending quality time with you, while wrapped in warm water (and splashing it all around) is fun!

So the more freedom of movement for the arms and legs – the better (more fun).

It is also scientifically proven that at this age range, the more babies can feel safe moving their arms and legs freely around, the faster they develop, both physically and mentally-neurologically.

So for the best bath ring experience, you are much better off with one that allows freedom and fun movement, as well as safety.

Softness is bliss

Not all rings are created the same.

They range from hard plastic sturdy ones to cushy spongy soft seats.

And this is where you combine it all together into the ultimate experience for yourself and for your tiny toddler.

Remember that not too long ago this little bundle of joy spent 9 months inside a warm body, wrapped in liquid from head to toe, 24/7.

Now, little by little s/he is discovering the separateness and independence of you as parents.

So this bath time with you keeps the parent-child connection strong and lively and associates you with warmth and softness.

This is why the bath ring itself should have a similar softness.

If you prefer the sturdy chair-like seat, then it can be plastic covered in soft materials.

If however, you like a more cushion-style ring seat, then there are various options in that department, varying from inflatable floating rings to soft fabrics filled with Polystyrene (that floats on water).

Here are some solutions for baby bath rings available on Amazon you can choose from: