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Baby Bathing Seats Bundle

Turn your bathtub into a water wonderland!

Save here and buy all three baby bathing seats

Batya + Papillon + Shibaba for just 99.99$!

Buy through the following leading stores.

For more information on each of the three products, please click on the relevant product: Batya Papillon Shibaba
  • The Batya is targeted for newborns to 33 pound (15 kilos) of weight. The Papillon is for babies who can sit unassisted—around 7 or 8 months of age—to 2 years old. The Shibaba is for babies who seats unassisted and steadily.
  • Each of the three seats weigh 6-10 ounce (170-350 gram).
  • Soft and elastic fabric: 80% Polyamide 20% Elastane.
  • Filling: thousands of tiny Polystyrene balls.
  • Complies with US CPSC Safety Standard requirements and the European Standard EN71.
  • All three bathing seats can be used in both infant and standard bathtubs and even in the kitchen sink.
  • Free shipping within the USA.